To the respected future customers

X12 is a company from Sofia, Bulgaria, specially established for the manufacturing of retro-reflective markers. The markers are made using a unique technology. During the process of developing the unique technology, we had to create all the machines and equipment, needed for making the markers. Our markers are made only on machines. Hand-made operations have been reduced to a minimum : control, assembling and packaging. The 3-part construction for the markers, belongs to X12. No other producer makes 3-part markers, because this construction is more difficult to make. But, this difficulty is compensated by the marker's improved geometry, meaning a better match of the optical and the gravity center of the marker and the improved retro-reflectivity. There are no other markers from another producer, not hand-made, not machine-made, that have more retro-reflectivity than the X12 markers. It doesn't matter if you're looking at the marker for the equator, the pole, or wherever, the retro-reflectivity is even. The marker's retro-reflectivity is higher, because if the marker is contaminated, with blood as an example, during surgery, the surgeon will be able to finish the surgery, without cleaning or replacing it. This is an important advantage of our markers.

Our sterile markers are made in an environment with a large degree of sterility, and are in condition with the highest requirements for disposable surgical products. They are packaged in an originally designed pouch, so they can be transported without being damaged and afterwards, stored for a long time. The markers in the package are positioned so they can be instantly taken out and mounted.

If you are reading this text, that means you are looking for markers for your IGS system. If you are a competitor and got here by accident, we apologize, because this text doesn't refer to you.

So, getting back to the IGS markers. Contact your nearest X12 distributor, or us, and request your 1 free sterile pouch of 11.5mm Snap or 13.0mm Twist markers and try them!

If you are satisfied, order. If not, use your old distributors.

Sincerely Yours,

CEO X12 Co.,Ltd.
Dipl. Eng. Dancho Jordanov

From the 1st of October, we have begun producing markers using a new technology. All the production equipment has been replaced with new, better equipment. So, our already good markers became even better. We hope that in the beginning of next year, we will be able to sell our markers at a lower price. We have also begun to produce soft markers for the movie industry. They have to be soft, because when an actor or stuntman falls on them, he may get hurt if they are hard. They're made from polyurethane foam and restore their shape after getting distorted.

Below, there is a button, which will tell you the difference between our markers and other producers'.
The differences are actually many more, but aren't mentioned on purpose.


X12 Co., Ltd.
J&L Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
E-mail: x12d[at]

Our marker construction is protected by the following US patent: US 8,668,340 B2