Underwater Markers

X12 underwater markers are designed specifically for underwater use.

The underwater marker consists of a spherical body covered in a retro-reflective tape that is designed to work well underwater. The marker can have different sorts of thread, can be Twist or Snap and the diameter can be made up to 80mm. The markers can be white or colorful. They can be used for:

  1. Sport - swimming, underwater swimming, alpinism, spelunking, underwater spelunking, fishing
  2. Underwater archeology
  3. Oil industry - for marking underwater cables and pipes.
  4. For navigational purposes
  5. In equipment for rescuing purposes
  6. And much, much more

Normal passive markers, can't be used since the retro-reflective properties are lost when the markers are underwater. The X12 underwater markers are able to stand a long time in sweet or salty water. They can be also made with positive or negative buoyancy.

Underwater Markers


On the pictures below, you'll see results from marker tests, with markers made by X12.

For understandable reasons, we won't show the machine, nor the testing method.

Why did we make these tests, and publish the results? Because we believe that when its about a human life, quality comes first. So we constantly strive to improve our own markers in different ways.

The markers have been photographed with the same camera, at the same conditions. The pictures haven't been manipulated, and only the yellow text has been inserted.

X12 11.5mm

X12 13.0mm


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Our marker construction is protected by the following US patent: US 8,668,340 B2